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Welcome to attis designs and Marketing

Hello my name is Laura Bethel, most of you know me from my work with Matteo Graphics, Inc.  I have had Attis in the wood work for the past year and a half.  I love my company Matteo Graphics.  I have not abandoned that company.  I am fortunate for all the work we have.  I am an active part of Matteo’s and I will always pride myself on delivering quality screen-printing, embroidery and signs at a value price to our customers.  I have always loved being different with our graphics, I never wanted to present a boring or dull design to our customers whether it was a contract order or a retail order.  I fell into the graphic designing because like any business owner I wanted instant results.  I would ask for a custom design and I wanted to be able to design right then and there.   I have become proficient in the Adobe Creative Suites programs.  I did start designing in Corel Draw yet have fallen in love with Adobe Illustrator and all the Adobe Creative Suites Programs.

Over the years I have had many customers ask to solely work with me.  It would always start the same way with my customers, “I have an idea!”  I was a place they could come to and they knew I would lend an ear and tell them the honest truth of what I thought of their up and coming projects.  I would catch myself getting involved in my customers projects way beyond the tshirts, signs and embroidery needs.  I really enjoyed seeing events being successful, or the new business owner succeeding in their ad campaign that we collaborated on.  It became a passion for me.

As time has passed Matteo has grown and I just felt there was a need for me to start this design and marketing business.  I have been fortunate enought to be working even before I can market my own marketing company.  I always strive to be different, you can’t always be the same as others to get the results you need in marketing and design.

Please explore the new site.  I know the looks will change throughout time but as for now.

WELCOME to ATTIS DESIGNS & MARKETING.  I am looking forward to working with you on your next project.

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